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Constitution of the Retired Staff Association


The name of the Association shall be 'The University of Warwick Retired Staff Association'.


Membership is open to all staff who have held appointments and who are now retired from the University and in receipt of a University pension. Spouses or partners are eligible as Associate members. Others who wish to join may be allowed to do so as Associate Members at the discretion of the Committee. Associate Members will not be eligible to receive the benefits provided by the University to full members.


a. To maintain and promote social activities for the benefit of members, exemplified by the provision of a Newsletter and the organisation of meetings on general and specific topics.

b. To maintain and develop links between members and the relevant activities of the University, including encouraging the provision of access to appropriate University facilities.

c. To provide information to members on University developments, achievements, and future events of interest.


a. Committee members, including officers, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and each shall serve for a period of two years. Committee members shall be eligible for re-election.

b. The affairs of the Association shall be in the hands of an Executive Committee of the membership. This Committee shall consist of a Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary and others to an overall total not exceeding ten members.

c. The Executive Committee may co-opt members provided that the overall total committee membership does not exceed the number specified in 4(ii). Such members shall serve until the next annual general meeting.


a. A joining fee of £10 will be payable on joining the Association. Subsequently annual subscriptions are payable in January of the first full year and each subsequent year following. The annual subscription shall be fixed by the Executive Committee.

b. Spouses or partners of deceased members may retain membership of the Association gratis.

c. A member who has not paid their subscription by March 31st in any year will be deemed as lapsed and removed from the mailing list. Lapsed members who wish to rejoin will be treated as new members.


a. The committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting. This meeting shall, as noted above, elect the new members of the Executive Committee, including the Officers as vacancies arise.

b. This meeting shall receive the Annual Reports of the Officers and consider any matters related to the operation of the Association.

c. A special meeting shall be arranged by the secretary within 30 days of a written request from 20 members. The request shall include item(s) for discussion and any resolutions for the meeting. These and no other matters shall be considered at this special meeting.

Retired Staff Association Executive Committee

Chair Joan Cole
Secretary Jean Norman
Treasurer Terry Kemp
Membership Secretary Bill Prichard
Committee Members Alan Foster (Visits Co-ordinator)
Georgie Hale
Liz Prichard (Newsletter editor)
Kay Rainsley (Walks Co-ordinator)
Pat Scott
Steve Van Toller

The RSA can be contacted via Suzanne Keene, Human Resources, University House, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 8UW (024 765 24843)