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Previous walks: Spring 2006

26 March  Shuckbourgh Estate & Napton on the Hill - 5 or 8 miles, with Terry.  Not too many details about this walk to report - except that it was very nice and in mostly bright spring weather, though the walk apparently started out a bit late -  due to the clocks jumping a whole hour of sleeping time the night before and (can this be true?) another little to-do relating to missing boots...

12 March: This walk was re-arranged on the day; taking a shorter circular route just south of Chipping Campden and starting at the lovely village of Blockley.  This was a mild and easy walk - gentle hills, well marked paths and not much mud.  All in all a walk for softies - except for the very cold wind, on a day when the air temperature hovered around 1C. Only Soong was unconcerned, in Northern China  0C counts as a warm spring day.

5 March: Marion led five of us on a 6.5 mile walk taking in three villages around the site of the Battle of Edge Hill.  This was an fairly  energetic walk - plenty of hills to get up/down on a clear and mostly sunny day.  The walk featured ponds:  first - a boggy pond with a sad sheep stuck in the middle (luckily for her the Warwick Walkers decided to come to the rescue - and informed the local farm), then lunch on the green at Warmington overlooking a  a partly frozen duck pond, then some mysterious and obviously man-made ponds on the hills around Edge Hill...  Also a glider and a hang-glider hovering over the site of the battle - much more sensible use of the steep terrain than starting a Civil War  (a futile battle, as it happened, costing 6,000 lives and resolving nothing; ghosts still haunt the place apparently... and who can blame them!).  Tea and cakes at the National Herb Centre - to be recommended.

19 February- Buckland, Snowshill and Stanton.  A second attempt to offer this walk which was rained off on 12 February.  Following a bright and lovely Saturday, three of us set off on an overcast Sunday morning  hoping to enjoy some lovely views and warm sunshine on the Cotswoldshills.....  As it turned out the views consisted of heavy mist, not so heavy mist and drizzle'n'mist;  we decided that mist is a perfectly nice and atmospheric feature (along with gloopy mud) of a winter walk - and had a nice time anyway. Tea and cakes in Broadway superb as usual.   We'll offer this walk again so we can see what was hidden in the mist; it will be a whole new walk!!

12 February- with threatening skies, light drizzle and a car suffering from motor-flu, the not-at-all-intrepid leader Kay took two new walkers around some familiar home territory: Ashow and Hill Wooton.  Interesting wild life  (ie hundreds of little boys playing  mini- rugger) and no nasty weather after all: altogether a pleasant morning walk.  Snowshill walk now scheduled for 19 February (above)

29 January.   4 Mile walk around Radford Semele, led by Trudy and Marion.  Trudy reports that this was a really pleasant short walk - two new walkers: welcome!! - and tea in Leamington to finish up.

15 January - This was a sausage-shaped walk of 5.5 miles from Chipping Campden to Blockley passing through the little village of Broad Campden. Six of us took to the hills - as usual on Cotswold walks there is a fair amount of climbing up to the ridges and down to the villages - for some fresh air, aerobic exercise, good views and general smug satisfaction with ourselves for being out and about instead of at home reading the papers.....  This was a really pleasant and varied walk -  meadows, quiet roads, and woodland paths as well as the three villages.  Outside Chipping Campden we came across a group of men laying a traditional lateral hedge - they were students on a hedge-laying course doing their practical course work; we were very impressed!  Not so impressed with Chipping Campden Tea-shop provision though as only one open and that full to over-flowing - Warwick Walkers expect to end walks with toasted tea cakes and  Earl Grey Tea (or similar).....

8 January 2006:  Kay led seven cheery walkers on a six-mile circular walk taking in the site of the battle of Bosworth and the small attractive town of Market Bosworth.  This was winter walking for the (fairly) hardy, with  grey threatening skies, cold winds and serious mud.   First tasting of Jeff's 2005 Sloe Gin (from sloes picked on the Chiltern Hills walk) was definitely a highlight.  This area is Richard III country and, despite  being short of an historian to give us the objective overview,  the Warwick walkers decided to join the home team supporters for the day.  The pleasant barn teashop and smart lavatories at the battle site must have been a great comfort to the fighting men (assuming, of course, that they were available in 1485...)