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Summercamp sessions

summer camp

Unlock Your Child's Imagination this Summer With the ultimate Game Design Camp!

3 Days of Creativity, Fun, and Gaming Adventures!

The perfect camp for sparking creativity and fun through game design.

Day 1: Kick Off Creativity: Design Your Own Sports Game!

Day 2: Unleash the Beat: Create Your Own Music Game!

Day 3: Build Your World: Craft Your Own Simulation Game!

Special Pricing: All 3 Days for £99 or just £35 per day!

Level up and experience, gaming pc’s, racing simulators, consoles and board games for an extra £5.00 per hour!

    • Age
      8 – 16 years
    • Duration
      4 hrs
    • Dates & Times
      7th - 9th Aug 2024 (fully booked)
    • 14th-16th Aug 2024(still available)
      See below for specific dates.

    • Content
      We deliver with an approach that learning can be fun – with gaming sessions built into the day, participants will feel energised to make the best of the skills sessions in a purpose-built gaming environment.

      • Day 1: Kick off your Creativity - Design Your Sports Game

        • 7th/14th Aug 10am - 2pm
        • Activity: Dive into the world of sports game design. From brainstorming to creating, your child will learn the basics of game design and develop their very own sports game.
      • Day 2: Unleash the Beat - Design Your Music Game

        • 8th/15th Aug 10am - 2pm
        • Activity: Explore the intersection of music and gaming. Children will create a unique music game, learning about rhythm, sound design, and how music can enhance the gaming experience.
      • Day 3: Build your world - Design Your Simulation Game

        • 9th/16th Aug 10am - 2pm
        • Activity: Delve into the realm of simulation games. From building virtual worlds to simulating real-life scenarios, your child will gain hands-on experience in creating engaging and realistic games.
      • Extended Play Hours

        • Drop-off: From 9am
        • Pick-up: Until 5pm
        • For parents with a working day, we offer extended play hours where kids can enjoy our gaming PCs, racing simulators, and consoles for just £5 per extra hour.

    • Additional Information

      • Our summer camps have the appropriate staff to pupil ratio.
      • All staff are DBS checked and undergo regular child protection training.
      • Staff are appointed for their experience and expertise.
      • Doors are coded into buildings to prevent unauthorised access.
      • Either the centre manager or coordinator are always available to be contacted by parents or staff throughout the day at the Esports Centre.
      • Qualified First Aiders are always available on site.
      • Data protection – All information collected will be held securely and will only be used to provide the best possible holiday childcare services for your child, and to ensure that your child is safe within our care.

    • Parents
      • You can stay and join in with us and our DBS certified staff, “Drop ‘n’ play” on our PC’s and Consoles or feel free to “drop-n-go” and visit the university’s other facilities such as Pret A Manger or Café Nero:

    • Price Options | Work around
      • Take advantage of our multi-buy offer and get a discount when you attend whole day sessions! Alternatively, if you’ve got a busy summer plan ahead, participants can come along to any of the individual sessions separately.
      • See below for our pricing options ↓


    • Price | £35 per day, £99 for three days
    • Date | summer 2024
    • Time | 10am-2pm


    • Inspire Creativity: Our carefully designed activities encourage imaginative thinking and creativity.
    • Learn and Play: Combine learning with fun through game design and interactive play.
    • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Edward Loveman and the University of Warwick’s innovative educational approaches.
    • Extended Hours: Flexible scheduling to accommodate working parents.

     BOOK FOR YOUR group

    • Group bookings are available
    • You just need to submit the form multiple times if the group size between 4 to 9. If your group size over 9 people, please email us for large group booking.

    Perfect for those who have never played before all the way up to veteran gamers!

    Supported play and learning sessions from our experienced staff team.

    Book Here:
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