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Glyndebourne Recordings 1936-70

The Glyndebourne Opera House in Sussex, England, opened in 1934 and quickly attracted excellent international casts for its summer season of performances. The BBC broadcast regularly from Glyndebourne, though surviving recordings are relatively rare until the 1950s. Few live broadcasts have appeared on CD though this is gradually being addressed by Glyndbourne's own label. Glydebourne casts were also popular with EMI which recorded several complete operas in their London studios in the 1930s but the list below concentrates on live broadcasts before 1970.

June 18, 1936 Le Nozze di Figaro, Brownlee, Ruatawaara, Stabile /Busch (Overture and Act 1 in BBC sound archive)

1939 Macbeth (about 40 minutes from the opera was recorded, either from the BBC broadcast of July 2, 1939, or privately in house)

August 7, 1947 Albert Herring Pears, Cross, Parr /Britten (Act 2 Sc 1 in National Sound Archive)

August 27 1947 Macbeth, Valentino, Grandi, Midglay /Goldschmidt (on tour at the Edinburgh Festival)

August 29, 1949 Un Ballo in Maschera Welitsch, Picchi, Silveri, / Gui (on tour at the Edinburgh Festival) 25 mins of extracts

August 23, 1950 Ariadne auf Naxos Zadek, Anders, Hollweg /Beecham (on tour at the Edinburgh Festival)

June 28 1951 Idomeneo Lewis, Jurinac, Nilsson /Busch

July 5 1951, Cosi fan tutti Jurinac, Lewis, Bruscantini /Busch (issued on CD by Immortal Performances)

June 30 1951 Don Giovanni (Act 2 only in Music Preserved Archive) Petri, Zadek, McNeil /Busch

June 26 1952 Cenerentola De Gabarain,Oncina,Bruscantini,Wallace,Noni /Gui

June 28 1952 Idomeneo Richard Lewis,Jurinac,Kinasiewicz,Simoneau,Pritchard (67 mins of extracts)

July 11 1952 Cenerentola De Gabarain,Oncina,Bruscantini,Wallace,Noni /Gui (second broadcast)

July 18 1952 Cosi fan Tutte Jurinac,Pollak,Noni,Richard Lewis,Bruscantini,Ernster,Gui (Act 1 only)

July 19 1952 Macbeth Rothmuller,Dow,Dalberg,Johnston,Gui (91mins of extracts)

July 16, 1954 Arlecchino Wallace, Gester, Evans, /Pritchard (in BBC sound archives)

July 16, 1954 Ariadne auf Naxos Franklin, Evans, Jurinac /Pritchard (in BBC sound archive)

July 17 1954 Don Giovanni Pease, Harshaw, Jurinac, Simoneau / Solti (issued by Nimbus)

Sept 25 1954 Cenerentola Gabarain, Oncina, Bruscantini / Pritchard (on tour in Berlin)

June 19, 1955 Le Comte Ory – broadcast by the BBC not known if survives

July 2, 1955 Nozze di Figaro Bruscantini,Rizzieri,Calabrese,Jurinac (extracts from this performance are rumoured to exist)

Aug 25 1955, Falstaff Corena, Rovere, Dominguez / Giulini (ICA CD) [at the Edinburgh Festival]

September 3, 1955 La Forza del Destino Jurinac, Rothmuller, Poleri /Pritchard [at the Edinburgh Festival]

June 16, 1956 Idomeneo Lewis, McAlpine, Grummer /Pritchard

July 29, 1956 Cosi Fan Tutte Jurinac, Merriman, Lewis, Bruscantini /Gui

June 29 1957 Falstaff Evans, Oncina, Boyer /Gui

July 7, 1957 Der Schauspieldirektor Sutherland, Labay, Young /Balkwill

June 1, 1958 Alceste- Rubio,Richard Lewis,Massard,Blankenbur /Gui (first 45 minutes of each act in National Sound Archives)

June 8, 1958 Falstaff Evans,Ligabue,Sciutti,Dominguez, Oncina, /Gui (in National Sound Archive – missing final 15 minutes of act 3)

June 22, 1958 Nozze di Figaro Sciutti /Isserstedt (complete in Music Preserved, extract in National Sound Archive)

June 28, 1958 Rake’s Progress, Ward, Morison, Lewis, Kraus, /Sacher (National Sound Archive)

July 16, 1958 Comte Ory Oncina,Barabas,Monica Sinclair,Cadoni,Pritchard (in National Sound Archive)

July 27, 1958 Ariadne auf naxos (opera only) Amara, Streich, Lewis /Pritchard

May 31, 1959 Idomeneo, Lewis, McAlpine, Stahlman, /Pritchard

June 7 1959 Der Rosenkavalier, Crespin, Soderstrom, Rothenberger, /Ludwig

July 6, 1959 (broadcast date) Cosi Fan Tutte Evans, Oncina, Ligabue, Lane /Pritchard (in National Sound Archive)

July 11, 1959 Fidelio Brouwnestijn, Lewis, Borg /Gui

August 9, 1959 La Cenerentola Rota, Oncina, Wallace, Bruscantini/Gui

August 20, 1959 La Cenerentola Rota, Oncina, Wallace, Bruscantini/Gui (part of act 1, Act 2 broadcast on BBC 2 TV - audio only)

June 4, 1960, Falstaff Evans, Ligabue, Bruscantini /Gui

June 18, 1960 I Puritani Sutherland, Filacuridi, Blanc, /Gui issued on CD by the Glyndebourne label

July 24, 1960 Don Giovanni, Blanc, Sutherland, Lewis /Pritchard

July 31, 1960 Cenerentola Rota, Bruscantini, Wallace /Pritchard (act 2 in National Sound Archive)

Aug 14, 1960 Zauberflote Lewis, Lorengar, Evans, /Davis

Sept 1, 1960 Arlecchino Wallace, Blankenburg, Griffiths /Pritchard (at the Edinburgh Festival)

Sept 8, 1960 I Puritani Sutherland, Filacuridi, Blanc, /Gui (at the Edinburgh Festival)

June 3, 1961 L’Elisir d’amore Ratti, Alva, Sordello /Cillario (in National Sound Archive)

July 15, 1961 Elegy for Young Lovers Söderström, Meyer, Turp, /Pritchard (in BBC archives)

June 17, 1961 Entführung aus dem serail Dobbs, Hoppe,Hanak,Langdon, Robertson, Gellhorn

June 9, 1962 Le Nozze di Figaro Bacquier, Blankenberg, Freni, /Varviso (on Glyndebourne label)

June 30, 1962 Coronation of Poppea Laszio, Lewis, Bible, /Pritchard (music preserved)

August 23, 1962 L’Elisir d’amore Alva, Freni, Bruscantini /Cillario (on Glyndebourne label)

July 30 1962 Cosi fan Tutte Sgourda, Malagu, Grist, Driscoll, Wixell,Roux /Pritchard (at the Proms)

June 9, 1963 Capriccio Söderström, Krause, Wilhelm, /Pritchard

June 28, 1963 Nozze di Figaro Gencer, Berton, Mathis /Varviso

June 29, 1963 Pelleas et Melisande Rouz, Duval, Reynolds /Gui (on Glyndebourne label)

August 11, 1963 Die Zauberflöte Raskin,Ulfung,Cava,Arnaud,Blankenburg, Sgourda /Gui

May 24, 1964 L'Incoronazione di Poppea, Endich, Lewis, Meyer /Leppard

May 31 1964 Macbeth Paskalis, Pender, Wakefield /Gardelli

June 19, 1964 Pietra del Paragone Valentini,Reynolds,Veasey,Blankenburg,Trama,Grilli,Roux /Pritchard

July 24, 1964 Idomeneo Janowitz, Pavarotti, Tarres /Pritchard issued on CD by the Glyndebourne label

June 6 1965 Il Matrimonio Segreto, Rinaldi, Badioli, Bottazzo, /Gui (transmission fault near end of act 2)

June 13, 1965 Anna Bolena, Gencer, Cava, Johnson /Gavazzeni

August 14, 1965 Der Rosenkavalier Caballé, Zylis Gara, Mathis, /Pritchard issued on CD by the Glyndebourne label

Aug 16 1965 Macbeth Paskalis, Malmborg, Lagdon, Hughes / Gardelli [at the Proms]

June 12, 1966 Dido and Aeneas Baker, Armstrong, Hemsley /Pritchard NS

July 3, 1966 Werther T'Hezan,Brazzi,Hemonet,Doue,Raffel,Dean,De Peter, /Cillario

May 28, 1967 L’Elisir d’Amore, Maliponte, Benelli, Badioli, /Cillario

July 30 1967 L'Ormindo Wakefield, Howells, Stadler /Leppard

July 24 1968 L'Ormindo Wakefield, Howells, Cuenod /Leppard [at the Proms]

August 4, 1968 Anna Bolena Andrew,Shirley,Johnson, Coster,Rintzler,Dean,Baillie,Gardelli

August 5 1968 Entführung aus dem serail Price, Vrooman, Montarsolo / Pritchard [at the Proms]