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Reginald Goodall Discography

The British conductor Reginald Goodall (1901-1990) is perhaps most famous for his 'English Ring' at English National Opera in the 1970s. The recordings made originally by EMI and now available on Chandos are not the only examples of Goodall's skill as a Wagnerian: The Mastersingers, recorded at Sadler's Wells in 1968 and also available on Chandos, is also a landmark recording. There are also complete studio recordings of Parsifal and Tristan und Isolde. Yet for most of his career Goodall might be considered a neglected conductor and his recorded legacy is sparse when comparared to many contemporaries. There are several examples of him conducting Bruckner, with Symphonies 7, 8 & 9 being issued by the BBC legends label, but other than that we have to rely on the surviving BBC broadcasts and a few in house recordings to get a real sense of Goodall as a conductor beyond Wagner.

November 28, 1945 1812 Overture (commercial recording for Decca)

November 29, 1945 Coriolan Overture (unpublished commercial recording for Decca)

January 9, 1946 Leonore Overture (unpublished commercial recording for Decca)

October 4 1946 The Rape of Lucretia (Amsterdam broadcast)

October 11 1946 The Rape of Lucretia (BBC broadcast from Croydon Theatre - small sections missing)

July 16-19 & October 19 1947 The Rape of Lucretia (abridged commercial recording for HMV)

July 12-17 1948 Peter Grimes (commercial recording of extracts for HMV)

August 16, 1951 Dalla Sua Pace (commercial record for HMV sung by Walter Midgley)

July 21, 1955 Turandot (BBC broadcast Act 2 only)

June 19, 1961 Boris Godunov (Covent Garden broadcast)

December 18, 1961 Polyeucte Overture (Dukas), L’Ascencion (Messiaen), Schumann Symphony No. 4 (BBC concert broadcast December 21, 1961)

1968 (early) The Mastersingers (Sadler’s Wells in house recording of the rehearsals for Act 1)

February 10, 1968 The Mastersingers (Sadler’s Wells broadcast)

February 23, 1968 Das Rheingold (5 minute extract recorded for ROH Anniversary LP)

September 18, 1968 The Mastersingers (Coliseum broadcast)

February 17, 1969 Bruckner 8 (BBC concert)

March 28, 1969 Siegfried Idyll, Prelude & Liebestod, Die Walkure Act 1 (BBC concert)

September 3, 1969 Bruckner 8 (Prom broadcast)

February 14, 1970 The Valkyrie (Coliseum broadcast)

May 25, 1970 Bruckner 7 (BBC concert)

August 6, 1970 Prom Concert (Siegfried Idyll, Ah Perfido (Fidelio), Bruckner 7) (broadcast)

September 12, 1970 The Mastersingers (Coliseum in house recording of part of act 1)

March 6, 1971 Twilight of the Gods (Coliseum broadcast)

April 19, 1971 Parsifal (Covent Garden in house recording of the complete Dress Rehearsal)

May 8, 1971 Parsifal (Covent Garden broadcast)

November 3, 1971 Tristan Prelude, Wesendonck Lieder, Bruckner 7 (Royal Festival Hall Concert, broadcast)

December 31, 1972 Twilight of the Gods (commercial recording of Act 3 Sc 2 to end of the act)

March 3, 1973 Siegfried (Coliseum broadcast)

March 10, 1973 Siegfried (Coliseum in house recording of part of act 3)

July 31, 1973 The Rhinegold (Coliseum in house recording)

August 2-21 1973 Siegfried (Coliseum, commercial composite of live recordings)

August 4, 1973 The Valkyrie (Coliseum in house recording of part of act 2)

August 11, 1973 Twilight of the Gods (Coliseum in house recording of Act 1 Sc 3, to the end of the act)

May 4, 1974 Bruckner 9 (BBC concert)

October 17, 1974 Meistersinger Overture, Siegfried’s Death & Funeral March, Die Walkure Act 1 (Snape Maltings broadcast concert, only the second half of Walkure, complete act in British Library)

March 10-29, 1975 The Rhinegold (commercial composite of live recordings)

October 7, 1975 Das Rheingold (Covent Garden in house recording)

October 9, 1975 Die Walkure (Covent Garden in house recording, Act 1 (final 22 mins), Acts 2 & 3 complete)

December 18-23 1975 The Valykrie (Coliseum commercial composite of live recordings)

April 17, 1976 Fidelio (Covent Garden broadcast)

Summer 1977 Twilight of the Gods (Coliseum, in house recording of part of a rehearsal of Acts 2 and 3)

December 6, 13, 27, 1977 Twilight of the Gods (commercial composite of live recordings)

September 22, 1979 Tristan und Isolde (WNO broadcast)

December 15, 1979 Tristan und Isolde (WNO in London, broadcast July 13, 1980)

November 1980-January 1981 Tristan und Isolde (commercial recording)

November 11, 1981 Tristan and Isolde (Coliseum broadcast)

February 18, 1984 The Valkyrie (WNO broadcast)

June 17-25, 1984 Parsifal (commercial recording for EMI)

February 22 1985 Tristan and Isolde (Coliseum in house recording, missing end of act 3)

May 21, 1986 Prelude & Liebestod (Barbican in house recording)

August 9, 1987 Parsifal (Proms concert of Act 3 only)