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Anonymous Questionnaire

1. What metal do you find most frequently when metal detecting?
2. What metal do you find least frequently?
3. How often do you find lead objects when metal detecting?
4. What metal do you most frequently set your detector to search for?
5. What metal do you least frequently set your detector to search for?
6. When detecting, how often do you set your machine to detect for lead?
7. Which are the main two reasons for deciding to record an object with your FLO? Please indicate.
8. You find a fairly undiagnostic lead disc. How highly do you prioritise getting it recorded with your FLO?
9. Have you heard of Roman tokens before today? (They are also known as tesserae, although not to be confused with mosaic tesserae).
10. What would you expect Roman tokens to be made of? Please tick all that apply.
11. Have you ever found a Roman token when metal detecting?
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This form is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the form.

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Thank you very much for participating in this survey, your data will form an important part of our understanding of Roman tokens in Britain.

If you want to know more about Roman tokens and what they look like, a blog on tokens in Britain is available on our blogs page: 

Plates of images of tokens from Rostovtzeff's Tesserarum Urbis Romae et Suburbi are on our resources page:

If you have found a Roman token, please do get in contact with us at