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Thu 12 Sep, '19
Clare Rowan speaking at the British Science Festival
University of Warwick

What makes money?

Thursday, September 12 • 15:00 - 16:00

Cash, dough, moolah – whatever you call it – money is a fundamental part of modern society. But what ‘makes’ money? Why and how have we come to value it so much, even though it’s not made from anything intrinsically valuable like gold or silver?

Historians Clare Rowan, George Green and archaeologist Kevin Butcher from the University of Warwick look to the Roman Empire, where the debasement of coins can be clearly tracked, for possible answers.

Mon 16 Dec, '19 - Tue 17 Dec, '19
Tokens: The Athenian Legacy the Modern World
The British School at Athens

Runs from Monday, December 16 to Tuesday, December 17.