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Tokens: an outlook on modernity

Agora: digital voting system

Agora is a blockchain-based voting ecosystem allowing anyone anywhere to vote online from a digital device in a fully secure, easy and certain way (agoravote.about). The vote is the token in this ecosystem. It incentivizes citizens and selected organizations to contribute to the election process by acting as authenticators of elections worldwide ( The developers invoke the voting and allotment procedures of the Athenian Agora. Such vote tokens were recovered in the Athenian Agora excavations.

Mon 11 Feb 2019, 20:33

Token economics

In our modern era information about payment is made possible through the growth of technologies and the expansion of communication channels. Tokenization of the economy began with credit and debit card networks and has reached its culmination with the mobile phone and its toolkit. Token economics is the key factor for understanding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology: transactions are authorized based on their verification by the participating nodes. The nodes doing the work of transaction verification receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency, or digital token native to the system in question.

Mon 11 Feb 2019, 20:11