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Euripides' Bacchae 2022

Bacchae 2022 Performance


Warwick Classics Society are proud to announce our 2022 Ancient Drama festival production of Euripides' Bacchae, directed by Jessica Johnson and produced by Katharine Broderick.

Set in ancient Thebes, this tragedy tells the story of King Pentheus and his refusal to accept the power of the god Dionysus...

Dr Emmanuela Bakola (University of Warwick) ‘Nature and the Divine in the Bacchae

Professor Michael Scott (University of Warwick) ‘The historical context of the Bacchae

Professor David Fearn (University of Warwick) on ‘Chorus and Characters in the Bacchae’ (seminar)

Xavier Buxton (University of Warwick) ‘Drama as Cult, or The Mysteries of the Bacchae’.

Professor Eric Csapo (British Academy Global Professor of Classics, University of Warwick) ‘Dionysus' Face and Pentheus Dress: Dionysian Imagery and Symbolism'