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Photo Gallery

We would like to thank all members of our cast and crew for making The Persians happen! We have included a photo gallery on this page for close shots of the unforgettable moments during this year's production.

Chorus of The Persians

Chorus of The Persians

Chorus of The Persians

Chorus leading out the tapestry

The entrance of Queen Atossa

Chorus bowing near the tapestry

Side-shot of Queen Atossa's opulent dress

Entrance of the Queen with tapestry

Queen Atossa clenching the tapestry

The announcement of The Messenger
The Ghost of The Messenger
Queen Atossa destroyed by the news of Persian defeat
Queen Atossa offering libations
Darius' lament
Darius consulting the Persians
Xerxes wearing the tapestry as a cape

Xerxes raging at the Chorus

Chorus examining Xerxes' cape

Chorus attempting to console Xerxes, distraught on account of his defeat

Chorus dismayed by Xerxes' rage

The Achaemenid crown fallen upon Persian soil

Close up shot of the tapestry

Dark - Close up shot of the tapestry