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MA Student A-Z

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How to proceed when you have to miss a seminar and/or plan to be away from the University

Academic misconduct

Information on plagiarism and academic misconduct

Academic support

Guidance and resources from the Department and the University for your academic career

Appeals and complaints

Information on appeals and complaints

Attendance, registration and progress requirements

Regulation 36 of the University of Warwick covers registration, attendance and progress requirements. Students are strongly advised to read Regulation 36 thoroughly.



Careers and skills resources for students

The University Skills and Student Development and Student Careers provide a range of services to help students with their academic and professional development and post-Warwick careers.

Choosing your modules

Information on what you need to do to select and register for your modules


Contact details of the departmental postgraduate team and all members of staff

Course regulations

Important information on course regulations for MA students




MA deadlines and feedback deadlines

Degree certificates

Requests for transcripts, degree certificates and the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

Departmental support for students

Departmental support from your personal tutor and other postgraduate staff members


Important information about the dissertation for MA in English Literature, MA in Literary Translation Studies and MA in World Literature students




Information on enrolment and the first weeks at the University

Essay format and style

Guidance on essay format and style

Exam board

MA exam board, mitigating circumstances and appeal

Example essays

Module essays and dissertations from former MA students


Information on applying for an extension on a submission deadline

Extenuating circumstances

Information on Mitigating/Extenuating Circumstances



Facilities and resources

Departmental and University facilities and resources available to postgraduate students

Failure and resubmission

Information on what happens when a student fails a module and the possibility of resubmission

Fire Evacuation

In the case of a fire alarm, you are expected to leave the Humanities building via the nearest staircase quickly and quietly. The congregation area for the Humanities Building is Car Park 8, the multi-storey carpark next to the Sports Centre. To fail to evacuate the building during any fire alarm may lead to disciplinary action.

If you have any disability that may impede your evacuation from the department you should ask the Department’s Health and Safety Officer or the Department Administrator, in consultation with your Personal Tutor, to prepare a personalised evacuation plan for you. There are also two safety stations in the stair wells where you can seek refuge until help arrives. The contact numbers for the University’s Security Office are posted at these points.

In the event that you see a fire, raise the alarm as quickly as possible and leave the area for a safe place.


Form templates for MA students and staff

Foundation module for MA in English Literature

Information on foundation module for MA in English Literature students



Introduction to research methods

Compulsory workshops for all first-year MAEL, MATTS and MAWL students



Late submission and word count policies

Policies on late submission and over or under-length work

Learning Outcomes for English Degrees

A concise description of the intended outcomes of learning from your course, and the means by which these outcomes are achieved and demonstrated.


Find resources and services to help you develop your information skills or your use of multimedia. The Library also has a variety of study environments to suit your study needs. The Subject Librarian for English and CLS is Kate Courage. Contact Kate if you have suggestions for book acquisitions or other library-related requests.

Long project for MA in Writing

Important information about the Long Project for MA in Writing students

Lost and found

Where to check for lost property and hand in objects found



Marking conventions and criteria

Descriptors of marks

Mitigating circumstances

Information on Mitigating Circumstances


Lists of MA modules

Module selection

Information on what you need to do to choose your modules

Monitoring points

Information on monitoring points and procedures for missed monitoring points



Part-time study

Information on part-time study

Personal tutor

Support from your personal tutor and the department

PGSSLC (Postgraduate staff and student liaison committee)

The Postgraduate Staff and Student Liaison Committee (PGSSLC) is made up of representatives of postgraduate students (MA, PhD) as well as academic staff with a role in running postgraduate programmes.

Plagiarism and academic misconduct

Important information on regulations on plagiarism and academic misconduct

Provisional module selection form

ALL MA students must complete this form by 1st September 2016.



Research for Writing

Compulsory workshops for MA in Writing students

Rights and Responsibilities of students

As a student what can you expect from the university and what do you need to be aware of and adhere to as a student.



Student Opportunity Team

The Student Opportunity Team supports all EU and international students during their studies at Warwick.

Students' Union

Connect with fellow students and the wider Warwick community

Student support services

A comprehensive support and welfare structure available to students and departments. Services include: Personal Tutors Systems, University Senior Tutor, Residential Life Team, International Office, Counselling Service, Disability Services, Mental Health Team, Student Wellbeing Advisor/Practioner, University Health Centre, Chaplaincy, Student Advice Centre, Student Funding, Security Services. Contact Student Support Services by email or phone at 024 765 75570 if you need help.

Study spaces

Study spaces across and outside of campus which can be used for both group and independent work.

Submission deadlines

Important submission deadlines for your work



Temporary Withdrawal

Information on the process for taking a period of temporary withdrawal from your studies.

Term dates

Term dates for the academic year


Timetable for all MA modules, including seminar locations.


Requests for transcripts, degree certificates and the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)


Getting to the University of Warwick



University statements, policies and regulations

Statements, policies and regulations from the University



Word count and late submission policies

Policies on over or under-length essays and late submission

Writing and language support

Departmental and university guidelines and resources for writing essays