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Visiting students

Welcome to English at Warwick. These pages are designed to provide you with the information you need to ensure a smooth integration into the activities of the department.

The Departmental Liaison Officer for international students from Europe, North America and Australia is Dr Nick Lawrence. For students coming from China/East Asia, your contact is Dr Ross Forman.

There will be an induction session for visiting students taking modules in the Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies on Friday, September 29th at 2pm in H545. This meeting will cover the basics of studying English at Warwick. Note that all visitors are invited to the department’s welcome party for new students on Monday, October 2nd at 7pm in H545.

There will also be a welcome reception for all international students in the department on Monday, October 9 at 6pm in H545.

Interactive Map of Campus

University of Warwick's Orientation 2017 programme

This Welcome to Warwick programme is run by the International Office and is for international students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who are new to living and studying in the UK.

The four-day programme includes information sessions, seminars, social events and tours. It also provides opportunities and support for practical aspects such as enrolment, health centre and police registration and academic skills workshops. There is also a wide range of social activities provided for participants. There are approximately 1,000 attendees and a team of 100 helpers.

Important details to note

A list of useful tips and reminders is available here.

Confused about what tutors expect in an essay? Read 'Elements of the Academic Essay' by Gordon Harvey for an overview of the basic issues.

Please ensure you see this link to the on-line undergraduate handbook.

Assessment Final Deadlines for Visiting Students

• Students who attend for a full academic year follow the same deadlines and methods of assessment as those following the English degree courses. For first-year modules, please see the individual module webpage, as there are differing requirements for each of the four modules open to visiting students.

• Part-year students are required to submit essays totalling 3,000 words per module for each term they attend.

• Essays for the autumn and spring terms will be due by 12 noon of the last Tuesday of each term. Essays for the summer term will be due by 12 noon on Tuesday of Week 7; see your tutor for essay titles before the Easter vacation.

• Earlier due dates may be negotiated by tutors and students as they wish, but ALL essays must be submitted directly to the online system (Tabula - see below). Do not hand in essays directly to your tutors, even if you have agreed on an earlier submission date with them.

• We require all students to submit their essays electronically; see for details.

Additional support for international students

English language support classes for international students (including courses on grammar, academic writing and critical reading skills) are available free of charge from the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL).