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This module will encourage you to think about literary texts from a variety of perspectives. I will ask you to engage in 3 different types of writing which will allow you to demonstrate your creative, critical and original approach to the novels. Regardless of which Masters degree or particular pathway you have chosen, you will be asked to submit the following pieces of assessment: A Research Essay, A portfolio of Critical Writing and A Poster.

The Research Essay

The length of the essay is determined by the credits you are claiming for the module:

30 CATS = 6,000 words
36 CATS = 8,000 words
20 CATS = 5,000 words
You will be asked to formulate your own research question and to agree it with me before embarking on the essay

The Portfolio of Critical Writing


In preparation for each seminar, you will be asked to write a short critical response to one of the set texts or to the film that was screened in that week. You will submit your weekly critical response to an online module blog. The critical response will help you focus your attention on a particular aspect of the issue / problem we are discussing and may prove to be the seed for an interesting research paper. By the end of the module, your online critical responses will "become" your portfolio of critical writing.

The Poster Presentation


By the end of the module you will be assigned to a group of 2 or more of your peers and tasked with creating a poster that represents a specific issue / problem that may or may not have been discussed on the module. You will present your poster, with your group, in the same way as you would do at a conference.

The Final Mark of the module will be based on the research essay, BUT, the portfolio and the poster are required components which you must pass in order to pass the module.