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Practice Paper

The Practice paper is an unassessed exercise in close textual analysis and critical practice.


Write a piece of close textual analysis which critically evaluates Chopin's use of literary motifs and her narrative strategy in chapter 10 of The Awakening. In your analysis you might want to attend to some or all of the following:

  • What is the significance of this chapter in the overall development of the story?
  • To what extent is Chopin's deployment of the "child" motif successful?
  • Does Chopin's repeated use of sea imagery reinforce or restrict the narrative?
  • Which statements stand out in this passage?
  • Can you identify Chopin's use of dialectics in this passage?
  • Try to think of the narrative strategy in this chapter in terms of Derrida's "presence and absence"

This essay is due in Week 6. Try to limit your writing to 2-sides of an A4. Bring along 2 copies of your essay so that we can conduct part of the seminar as a peer-review session.


Awakening Map