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Secondary Reading

Individual dramatists
Barker, Howard, Arguments for a Theatre (Manchester 1993)
   -                         Death, the One and the Art of Theatre (London 2005)
Lamb, Charles, Howard Barker's Theatre of Seduction (Amsterdam 1997
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                                Letters of Edward Bond (London, 1990)
                                The Hidden Plot: Notes on Theatre and the State (London 2000)
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Hirst, David L,. Edward Bond (London 1985)
Lappin, Lou, The Art and Politics of Edward Bond (New York 1987)
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Stuart, Ian: Politics in Performance (New York 1996)
Aston, Elaine, Caryl Churchill (Plymouth 1997)
Cousin, Geraldine, Churchill the Playwright (London 1989)
Kritzer, Amelia H, The Plays of Caryl Churchill (London 1991)
Randall, Phyllis, Caryl Churchill, A Casebook (New York 1988)
Sierz, Alec, The Theatre of Martin Crimp (London 2006)
Frayn, Michael, Celia’s Secret (London 2001)
Wu, Duncan,  Making Plays (Basingstoke 2000)
Jung, Robert K., Brighter than a Thousand Suns (London 1958)
Andrews, Elmer, The Art of Brian Friel (Basingstoke, 1995)
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Graham Saunders, Love Me or Kill Me (Manchester 2002)
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                Contexts for Frank McGuinness’s Drama (Washington 2004)
Hoggart, Richard, The Uses of Literacy (London 1957)
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Sanity, Madness and the Family (London 1964)
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