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LN909 Introduction to European Gothic and Romantic studies

LN909 Introduction to European Gothic and Romantic studies

Prof Katherine Astbury (convenor) (H4.35), Dr. Fabio Camilletti (H. 418), Dr James Hodkinson, Dr Michael Meeuwis (H5.29)

Time/Day: Tues 2-4, in tutors' offices

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this module you should be able to

Discuss elements of British and European Gothic and Romanticism knowledgeably
Identify key aspects of national literary identities
Display a broad understanding of the place of Gothic and Romantic writing in a European context

Module Description:

This module aims to introduce students to types and styles of writing of the Gothic and Romantic period both in Britain and abroad; to introduce students to key texts of the period from a transnational perspective; to provide students with a grounding in key tropes, images and contexts of the Romantic period; and to encourage students to see 'Gothic' and ‘Romanticism’ as European phenomena. We will read examples of Romantic-period writing from four major locales: England, Germany, France, and Italy. All non-English texts will be available in translation, although students are encouraged to make use of any language skills they may have and read, whenever possible, in the original.

Teaching Methods

1. one 2-hour seminar per week

2. one 5000-word essay, topic decided in consultation with tutor(s) (MA PR students) - MA in English Students submit either one 6000-word essay or one 8000-word essay depending on the programme route.

Module Requirements

1. Attend seminars, having prepared material in advance

2. Make regular contributions to discussion

3. Deliver at least one in-class presentation of approximately 20 minutes

4. Submit one essay of 5000 words

***Syllabus details can be found here *******************