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MA Modules 2014/2015

EN913 - Feminist Literary Theory

EN914 - Freud's Metapsychology and its Problems: Texts and Sub-texts

EN920 - Shakespeare in Performance

EN926 - The British Dramatist in Society: 1965-1995

EN928 - Poetics of Urban Modernism

EN935 - Shakespeare in History

EN938 - Postcolonial Theory

EN942 - World Literature and World-Systems: A New Model for Literary Studies

EN944 - Sexual Geographies: Gender and Place in British Fiction, 1840-1940

EN945 - Introduction to Pan Romanticisims

EN951 - Crossing Borders

EN958 - Shakespeare and His Sister

EN963 - Resource Fictions: Studies in World Literature

EN964 - Translation Studies in Theory and Practice

EN971 - Literary Translation and Creative (Re)Writing in a Global Context

EN978 - Writing for Children and Young People

EN981 - Writing about Human Rights and Injustice

EN985 - The Development of English Drama 1558-1659

EN986 - Topics in American Poetry

EN988 - The Literature of the Asian Diaspora

EN991 - Ecopoetics Workshop

EN994 - Nonfiction Writing Workshop

EN996 - Seven Basic Plots

EN9A1 - Victorian Materialities

EN9A2 - The Caribbean: Literature and Global Modernity

EN9A3 - The Caribbean: Reading the World-Ecology

EN9A5 - The Practice of Literary Translation

EN9A7 - Drama and Performance Theory

EN9A8 - Reviewing Shakespeare

EN9A9 - Medieval Theatre

The modules below WILL NOT be available in 2014/15:

EN901 - Critical Theory Mini Modules

EN902 - Modernism and Gender: An Anglo-American Tradition

EN903 - Literature of the American Southwest

EN904 - Problems and Modes in Postcolonial Literature

EN905 - Nineteenth-Century Children's Literature

EN911 - Creative Writing

EN912 - Feminism and the Enlightenment

EN916 - Modernism and Mythopoeia: Lawrence, Joyce and Yeats

EN917 - Modes of Masculinity

EN918 - Psychoanalysis and Cultural Production

EN923 - Critical Practice for the MA

EN927 - Condition of England: Perceptions in Victorian Literature

EN933 - Literatures of War

EN936 - Rivalries and Couplings in Romantic Literature

EN937 - Fundamentals of Cultural Materialism/Cultural Studies

EN940 - Travel, Literature, Anglo-empires

EN943 - Critical Theory and Media Studies: The Frankfurt School and Others

EN950 - Shakespeare in History II

EN953 - Rhetoric and Renaissance Literature

EN954 - Romantic Elegy

EN955 - Women and the Literary Establishment 1600-1700

EN959 - Modernism and Psychoanalysis

EN960 - Life-writing since 1900: History and Practice

EN961 - Society, Economics and Empire in the British Novel, 1688-1815

EN962 - Writing and Revolution: Studies in World Literature

EN965 - Charles Dickens: Novels, Journalism & Adaptation

EN966 - Literature, Revolution and Print Culture

EN967 - Roots of Poetry

EN968 - Marxism and Modernity

EN969 - Faulkner's South

EN970 - Psychoanalysis and Creativity

EN973 - Poetry and Poetics - Foundation Module

EN974 - Aesthetics and Modernity 1: The Question concerning Experience

EN975 - Aesthetics and Modernity 2: The Question concerning Violence

EN976 - Fact, Fiction, Reportage

EN977 - Reading Space

EN979 - Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Theatre (1737-1832)

EN980 - Writing Ireland, Writing England (1780-1830)

EN982 - Translation and Mass Media Communication (MA TTS only)

EN983 - Modern Japanese Fiction

EN987 - Britain and Latin America in the Long Nineteenth Century

EN989 - Writing for New Media

EN993 - Issues and Problems in Arabic Fiction

EN995 - Writing Places

EN9A4 - Chinese Poetry and the Western Reader

EN9A6 - Things, Media, Systems

HI968 - Outcast Ireland

PH944 - Derrida and Literature

PH967 - Benjamin, Brecht, Adorno

PH968 - Tragedy

PH989 - Deleuze and Literature