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Week 1

Week 1 lecture text can be downloaded here (Word Document)

Week 1 powerpoint can be downloaded here (Powerpoint Presentation)

Assignment (for week 6)

The nineteenth-century German Romantic poet, Friedrich Schlegel, wrote:

'Through all the noise of life's multi-coloured dream, One song sings to the secret listener.'

1/ A lot of art is created like a message in a bottle. We hope it will someday find its way to a secret listener who understands us.
Write about a song that sings to you, ‘you’ (or another protagonist) are the person it was meant to find, the ‘secret listener.’ (Can be fiction, fact, poetry)

2/ Choose one of the texts from the course pack to respond to. Your response can be an essay (literary criticism), an imitation, or another kind of creative ‘response’ (prose, poetry, performance, song).

3/ Discuss the appeal of a song with incomprehensible or nonsense lyrics.