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Dates and deadlines





 Monday 29 September 2008             Beginning of Autumn Term. 


Monday 29 September                      Introductory Meeting of all M.A. students in Room TBA at 6.00 pm.  Wine to follow in H502.    


Wednesday 1 October                       All module choices to be finalised.  Hand in to Reception completed option-choice forms.


Monday 3rd November                     All Bibliography Exercises to be submitted to the English Office (H506) by 12.00 noon.
(week 6)


Saturday 6 December                        End of Autumn Term.
(week 10)                                  




Monday 5 January 2009                    Beginning of Spring Term.


Monday 9th February                         First Term 1 option essay to be submitted. (week 6)     


Saturday 14 March                            End of Spring Term.




Monday 20 April                                Beginning of Summer Term.


Monday 18th May                              Second Term 1 option essay to be submitted.


Monday 22nd June                             First Term 2 option essay to be submitted.


Saturday 27 June                               End of Summer Term.


Tuesday 1st September at 2.00 pm   Submit all remaining option essays and the Long Project (10,000 word essay or 20,000 word long project)


Monday 14 September 2009             Research M.A. Candidates hand in their dissertations IN TRIPLICATE to the English Secretary.
They will be informed individually of viva times etc., as appropriate.



 Friday 23 October 2009                     Taught M.A. Examination Board




NOTE:  All deadlines are final.  No late work will be accepted without the written permission of the MA Convenor, which shall not normally be given without documented medical evidence or equivalently serious cause.  It is expected that students in difficulty will request an extension which can only be granted by the MA Convenor, who can be contacted directly.  The request for extension can be discussed as well with your Personal Tutor, but please remember that she/he cannot approve an extension.  A medical note will be required in case of illness.  Work which is late without permission will be penalised by 3 marks a day.


All assessed work must conform to the stated maximum word lengths.  The maximum word lengths are inclusive of quotations and footnotes but not of bibliography.  You will be asked to provide a word count of your essays on the cover sheet which you complete when the work is submitted.  We allow a stated margin of up to 10% over or under-length for flexibility.  Essays that are 10-25% over/under-length will incur a penalty of 3 marks.  Essays that are more than 25% over/under-length will be refused.