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Student engagement (PGSSLC)

PG Staff-Student Liaison Committee (PGSSLC)

This is one of the principal ways staff and students communicate about practical matters relating to graduate provision in the department, from library provision to conference funding. The student body of the department will elect annually representatives from each of the MA programmes, and two PhD students to serve on this committee. These representatives will nominate a student chair and a secretary (to take minutes). This committee will meet twice each term with the Director of Graduate Studies and the MA Convenors. Minutes of each meeting should be taken by the student secretary, and the chair will report annually to the University Board of Graduate Studies. The subject librarian must attend one of these meetings annually and should be invited by the PGSSLC chair. If you have any matters which you want to raise about the course, the department, or the facilities supplied to you, please do so through your SSLC representative. Details of who they are will be posted on the dedicated webpage along with the dates and times of the scheduled meetings.