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Online Attendance Links

Please see the links for streaming the symposium below. Unfortunately, due to technical restrictions, there may be poor audio and visual quality in room B.

Session 1: "The Human, Non-Human and the Fantastic", chaired by Mark Gorham. Featuring presentations from Pim Puapanichya and Willow Horner, and remote presentations from Zeenat Khan and Xheni Kapllani. 9:30-11:00.

Meeting ID: 323 019 243 334
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Keynote speech: "You are white and I am wrong': Some thoughts concerning legitimacy, moralism, and the novel". Dr Christine Emmett, chaired by Dr Ross Forman. 11:15-12:15.

Meeting ID: 337 578 294 930
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Session 2A: "Decolonisation, Migration, Storytelling and Affiliative Possibilities", chaired by Charlotte Spear. Featuring presentations from Tyler Ball and Shavena Vigneswara Kumar, and remote presentations from Gwendolyn Bellinger and Carlotta Pisano. 13:30-15:00.

Meeting ID: 319 361 500 64
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Session 2B: "Crime-Writing, Identity and the Post-Colonial City", chaired by Aman Sinha. Featuring presentations from Seyashree Mohapatra, Jonathan Ricketson, and Siddarth Ganguly.13:30-15:00.

Meeting ID: 366 761 997 401

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Session 3A: "Space, Sexuality and Collectivity", chaired by Madeleine Sinclair. Featuring presentations from Pegah Pezeshki, Mohammad Javanmard, Aman Sinha, and Mariana Nascimento.15:15-16:45.

Meeting ID: 354 872 643 557
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Session 3B: "Social and Cultural Practices (Renaissance - Late Victorian England)", chaired by Anna Rivers. Featuring presentations from Megan Rechtien, Heather Wardlaw, Clive Letchford, and Alice Richmond.15:15-16:45.

Meeting ID: 348 768 640 627

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Session 4: "Literary Aesthetics, Culture, and Politics", chaired by Neil Malloy. Featuring presentations from Grace Rhyne, Katelyn Naylor, Declan Gillespie, and Raad Khair Allah. 17:00-18:15.

Meeting ID: 366 527 988 152
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