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EN394 Black Radical Thought

Tutors: Dr. Myka Tucker-Abramson (English) and Dr. Meleisa Ono-George (History)

This module aims introduce students to the political writings of scholars and activists commenting on the position and struggles of people of African descent in the Black Atlantic throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Though there is a focus on writings from the Caribbean, U.S. and Britain, this module takes a transnational approach to the discussion of racial injustice and power and the intersections of this struggle. The module is broadly chronological, but is organized more thematically. Alongside addressing historiography, as well as readings in political and cultural theory, students will gain experience of working with primary sources, including films, images, literature, poetry, and autobiography. This module places Black political thought and writing at the centre of Black histories and centers the people of African descent as agents of change.


The syllabus for 2018-19 can be viewed here


One 4500 word essay 50%
One 3 hour exam 50%