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2018-19 Essay One Sample Titles

These are sample titles for the first essay. You can use one of these if you like, but it is expected that most will want to make up their own title. You have to get essay titles okayed by MG by Fri Week Ten - otherwise the title can't be accepted and this will constitute a rubric violation.

. [Course texts] and ‘cosy catastrophe’

. ‘Tribalism’ and the Ecology movement

. 1975 as the apex of collapse narratives

. [Course texts] and the discontents of the post-war consensus

. Contraception, family planning, and futurity in [course texts]

. The Kitsonian military in [course texts]

. The Irish ‘troubles’ and [course texts]

. Education, planning, and value in [course texts]

. [Course texts] and the dystopian futures of the late ’50s growth in youth cultures

. The post-collapse future as an alternative temporality in [course texts]

. The fate of post-war housing in [course texts]

. Inflation as social unravelling in [course texts]