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The PROVISIONAL date for the exam has been set to May 22, 2pm (week 5).

  • The exam is two hours long; there is no reading time.
  • There are eight questions, you must choose TWO questions to answer.
  • Each question includes its own rubric. Some questions will ask you to discuss two poems studied on the module. Other questions are more open, and allow you to write on poems not studied on the module. Other questions still allow for a focus on Heidegger's philosophy through the field of poetics.
  • You cannot repeat material from your assessed essay, or within the exam. You can use material from your unassessed essays on this module.
  • There are no past papers for this exam so I have written a 'mock' exam for reference here (PDF Document)
  • Please come to the revision session in week 3. If you cannot attend for any reason, please see my guide to revision here (PDF Document)

Revision seminar:

term 3, week 3 (May 6)


Writers' Room, Millburn House

List of set texts (poems) (PDF Document)