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Collections Paper 1



Non-assessed Essay

Auntumn 2006



Please hand in to the English Department Office by the end of the third week of term ( 4pm Friday 20 October) a brief comparison (max. 2,000 words) of the following two passages, paying particular attention to how they are narrated and to how the heroine's character is revealed. Please make sure you put your tutor’s name on the first page of the essay.



a)                  Lafayette, La Princesse de Clèves:



‘There appeared at court in those days . . . a passion and esteem beyond the common measure’ (World’s Classics edition, pp. 9-11)


‘There then appeared at court . . . all the feelings of respect and esteem that she deserved’ (Penguin edition, pp. 29-32)



b)                  Fielding, Tom Jones, Book Four, Chapter 2 (Penguin edition, pp. 153-6).



Don’t take too long over this exercise. Read the passages carefully and then give yourself about an hour to draft the essay. You can use any edition. If you know French, you could consult The P de C in the original.