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Second Assessed Essay Topics

Please consult the Department website and/or the Student Handbook for guidance on essay submission on Tabula and penalties for late submission.

Please also make note of the Departmental regulations on Plagiarism.

For all bibliographic citations, primary and secondary, use the MLA Guidelines, a link to which is provided on the Department webpage for Undergraduate Studies.


Write a 5000-word essay on any oneof the following topics.


  1. Explore how the idea of the global city emerges from the contradictions of the rural and the urban/the country and the city. With reference to any two textsconsidered this term, write an essay analysing the spatial discontinuties of the global city.
  2. In fiction, the city is often rendered as a story factoryā€¯. Write an essay exploring story-telling as a literary device in any two texts considered this term.
  3. Write an essay analysing the ways in which the idea of home and the domestic sphere is nestled within the more public spaces of the global city. How are home and the world registered as dissonant discourses and practices in any two texts considered in the module this term?
  4. One key mode of apprehending the global city is through visual apparatuses of film, video, television, photographs, and image archives. Write an essay exploring visuality as a contested practice in the global city. You may choose to integrate photographs, film, video or other visual sources as part of your essay. If you choose to do this, you would need to focus on any one or more texts considered this term. If the visual material is created by you, you may have a reduced word limit o 2,500 words in addition to your creative project.
  5. Write an essay as an ethnography of a particular location (involving interviews, historical research and observation and other forms of analysis), or a memoir of your own relationship to urban space. Your creative project (3,000-4,000 words) will need to demonstrate your understanding of some of the key ideas discussed in the module, and should make reference to at least two texts in an attached commentary (1,000-2,000 words).
  6. How do the texts we read this term negotiate questions of identity with material questions of housing, real estate, work, water, transport, etc.? Write an essay analysing this relationship with reference to any two textswe have considered.