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Term 1

Unit 1:Nuclear Ghosts

Week 1.
SET TEXT: H.G. Wells, The World Set Free,1914

Week 2.
SET: Leslie Mitchell, Gay Hunter,1935

Week 3.
SET: John Wyndham, The Chrysalids,1955

Week 4.
SET: Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker, 1980

Week 5.
SET: Wr. Troy Kennedy Martin, dir. Martin Campbell, Edge of Darkness,1985
John Caughie, Edge of Darkness(BFI Classics), 2008

Unit 2:Folk Horror

Week 7.
SET: Peter Dickinson, The Weathermonger, 1968

Week 8.
SET: Wr. Anthony Shaffer, dir. Robin Hardy, The Wicker Man, 1974

Week 9.
SET: Doris Lessing, Memoirs of a Survivor, 1975

Week 10.
SET: Lucy McKnight Hardy, Water Shall Refuse Them, 2019

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