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Presentation Schedule

Week 2 Kerouac, Bel Geddes, and Breines - Alice Saunders

Week 3 Highsmith and May - Maddi Driver

Week 4 Guevara, Escobar and Truman - Meghan Dennehy and Ellie Spurr

Week 5 Spielberg and the Midnight Notes Collective - Marta Meazza and Mahnoor Tareen

Week 7 Delany and Boggs - Alana Gaglio and Amarachi Orie

Week 8 Delany and Ensor - Oscar Schulze-Casademunt and Sanna Ehsan

Week 9 Ward, Winter, and Sharpe - Rebecca Brown

Week 10 Herrera and Cacho - Severijn Hagemeijer and Aggie Allen-Jones