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Options Information - for 2023/24 modules

Deadline for completing the form is Tuesday 9th May 2023 (this replaces the earlier advertised deadline).

This information applies to students on the following degrees and anyone not on these degrees but wishing to take a module in the English Department:
  • English Literature; English and Theatre Studies; English & History
  • English and Creative Writing; English and French; English and German; English and Italian; English & Hispanic; Classics & English; Philosophy and Literature; Philosophy and Literature and Classics; Film and Literature; Law with Humanities; English & Cultural Studies; Liberal Arts: Any other student wishing to apply for an English Literature module.

Module Choice Advice

Making your module choices is a significant and complex decision.
Before making your preference selection, you should have looked through the Options Handbook to ensure you know you degree structure and are choosing modules available 2023-24.
We also hope you were able to speak to a module tutor and/or your Personal Tutor.

Some further advice for this final stage:

  • Module entries on the online forms, to your right [or at the bottom of the page on some devices], will include any specifics relevant to your degree.
  • You must ensure you comply with your own degree structure. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
    Q300/QW34/VQ32 can check their degree structure and compulsory/core requirements here. If your Home department is elsewhere you will need to check with them.
  • Ensure that you have selected sufficient modules to cover 120 CATS MAXIMUM with all choices you make either via the English Department or in conjunction with other departments. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Please do not just reverse your first/reserve choices as your request will be returned for amendment and this delay may affect your chances of getting your first choices.
  • In ECLS 2023-24, our modules are taken by second and third years jointly.
    The code of the module will reflect the level you are currently at and any different assessment requirements (e.g. Module codes starting EN2XX indicate intermediate (second)-year students; module codes starting EN3XX indicate final-year students but you take classes together).
  • We will aim to publish details of which modules you have been allocated to during term 3, but these details are provisional until the autumn term (see further note below).
Modules outside the department
  • If you are a home student of the English Department (Q300/QW34/VQ32) and are considering taking a module outside of the English Department, you will need to discuss this with your Personal Tutor. You also need to contact the relevant external department for more information and their deadlines.
  • Q300/Q301 students should still apply for your full complement of modules permissible with the English Department, in case you fail to secure a space on a module from another department – you can always drop a module with us at a later stage rather than trying to find an additional module with us at a later stage when choices may be limited.

Overview: step-by-step process for applying for modules


  1. Use the options booklet and module webpages to make an informed decision regarding the modules you wish to take in 2023/24.
  2. Select the relevant link to your right [or at the bottom on some mobile devices] for what will be your degree/year of study 2023/24.
  3. Read the instructions carefully and make sure that all the particulars required are entered. Incorrect information will result in a delay in module allocation and may mean that you will not be considered for your first choice in modules.

When you have finished selecting modules you should read carefully through the form to:

  • Check your modules/CATS total the required amount you wish to take with the English Department ONLY, including any compulsory modules and just alerting us to any potential external modules you wish to take.
  • Check you conform to any specific requirements of your degree programme and year.
  • Once you have performed the above checks you should press the "Send form" button.
  • Please note that the form will only allow you to make one submission so please double check your choices before submitting'.

4. Submit your completed submission and you will receive an email receipt.

5. Keep an eye out for any further emails in case of problems, and read through the post-application information below.

6. If there are any issues, email Heather Pilbin in the UG office 

Important information post-application:

  • Module allocations released in Term 3 are provisional only. Only when you complete your timetable before the start of term in October can you be sure which modules you’ve been allocated. Please take this into consideration when choosing your summer reading. The English Department is in no way liable for the costs of books if a module does not run or its reading list has changed or if there is an unavoidable clash that cannot be resolved. If a module can no longer run, students provisionally allocated to it will be informed by email as soon as possible.
  • Please also note that final module details, i.e. texts etc, will be finalised by the end of July, therefore please ensure you check the module webpages then.
  • First choices are NOT guaranteed, although we do make every effort to ensure you get at least one of your first choices. The department tries to run enough seminar groups on popular modules to ensure that final year students and those with degree specific requirements are accommodated.
  • Please note that all lectures will take place in person, so this may also impact on your allocated modules should a clash occur due to a lecture taking place at a specific time - if this situation arises for you, we will work with you to resolve this, however, please bear in mind, you may have to make a late decision regarding your choices, depending upon the particular clash that has arisen. We will check as much of our timetable as we can to avoid these situations arising, but cannot check all other departments' timetables due to the complexity of the timetabling construction process.

Seminar Group Registration

Once all students' module choices have been processed and confirmed in September, we will open up the system so that students can self-register for their chosen Seminar groups via Tabula. A guide to how to use this will be provided and emailed to all students.

All students will be emailed in advance of Seminar Group registration opening. Seminar Group registration will be on a first come first served basis. However, in exceptional cases, i.e. to resolve clashes etc, the administration team may have to move you to another seminar; therefore, your final timetable will not be 100% confirmed until just before the start of term.

2023/24 Timetables

The teaching timetable for 2023/24 is presently being constructed and will be finalised no earlier than September 2023.

In due course, you will create your own seminar timetable using the Seminar Self Sign Up System on Tabula. This means that you will choose which seminar you wish to attend for your given modules. Lectures will be at set times. Tabula will then create a complete timetable for you. This will be accessible via your personal profile on Tabula.

We will open the sign-up system in September and you will be contacted when this has taken place. However, prior to that, once all seminar times are finalised, these will be added to the module web pages, this will allow you to start mentally preparing which seminar times you wish to attend. Lecture times will also be detailed (where applicable).

Please note that this sign up system will not work on a first-come-first-served basis as there may be some changes to be made to seminar allocations (e.g. if a particular time slot is over/under subscribed). Therefore, we reserve the right to move your seminar times, but this will only be done if it is unavoidable and we apologise in advance if this is the case. All timetables will be finalised by the beginning of the Autumn Term.

Once the system opens, we will not take any further requests to change modules at that stage unless in relation to a teaching clash.

Anyone who tries to sign up for a module they have not officially applied will have it removed from the system.

It will be your responsibility to check that your timetable doesn’t clash once created. We may not be able to accommodate requests for seminar changes after the start of term therefore, it will be vital for you to ensure that you have sorted out your timetable before the start of term.
Please make sure you alert us to any clashes before teaching starts at
If you wait until term starts, you may have to change modules altogether to a module which does not clash and has availability so you fulfil your credit requirement for the year (regardless of your interest in the module).

We will not be moving any students after term has started to rectify a clash/issue for a student who has not created their timetable by the deadline.

We will send more information regarding how to sign up through Tabula in September.

English Literature and Creative Writing students - apply for all modules via SCAPVC

Law with Humanities - Intermediate Year
Film and Literature students - apply for all modules via SCAPVC
Other degrees not detailed above