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Assessment: 100% assessed.

1,000-word critical analysis of selected course materials (20%):

Essay Tips (PDF Document)

This assignment will cover the readings from Weeks 1 to 5 and will be due in week 5.

You will take one of the theoretical (i.e. non-literary) course readings from the first half of the term and write a critical analysis of it. This assignment can take the form of a response to the reading, an analysis of the argument covered, etc. Creative responses are also acceptable, so long as they engage concretely with the assigned material.

You will also be asked to discuss your analysis in seminar as a means to aid discussion and to promote student-centred learning. You may wish to read part or all of your analysis aloud to the group in the week that you submit it. This is not a presentation, however. Although required as part of the normal running of the seminars, you will not be assessed on your in-class contribution based on this assignment.

4,000-word essay (80%):

Given the specialized nature of this module and the variety of interests students will bring to it, you will develop your own essay topic in consultation with Dr Forman. If you wish, you can write on a literary text/film/artwork/new media phenomenon of your choice, which need not be something on the course syllabus. However, your essay MUST engage with the themes and content of the module.

By Week 6, you should submit, by email, a description of your topic that is NO LONGER THAN ONE PARAGRAPH. You should identify the working thesis statement for your essay in this paragraph. I will then provide oral or written feedback on your proposal.