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25 Jan 2021 <>
Sent:25 January 2021 15:06
To:EnglishHoD, Resource <>
Cc:UGEnglish, Resource <>; Botley, Paul <>; Storey, Mark <>
Subject:Self-certification - how to apply

Dear all,

We've received a few queries about how the self-certification process works over the weekend, so I'm writing to clarify how it works and how to apply.


Self-certification allows you to claim an additional 5 working days without the requirement for any detail or evidence. You can apply for self-certification twice in the course of one academic year through Tabula as we outline in the UG Handbook here:

Submit the request via Tabula using the 'Request an extension' button for each assignment that falls within the self-certification period. State in your reason for request 'self-certification extension request'.


If you have used your two available self-certification requests or you would like a longer extension, then you can still apply for further time through Tabula giving detail as to why you require more time. If you have spoken to your personal tutor about your rationale for requiring more time please note this on your application. During the pandemic, the University/department will be sympathetic to claims that do not contain evidence as long as you can explain why it has not been possible to obtain it. You should not compromise your safety or the safety of others in order to obtain evidence. You can find more information on evidence here:


We’ve also updated our Teaching pages for this year with this information in case you need a further reference point:


I hope this helps, but as always, don’t hesitate to come back to me if you have questions.


Best wishes,


Professor Emma Mason

Head of Department, English and Comparative Literary Studies

University of Warwick