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8 Jan 21 <>
Sent:08 January 2021 17:00
To:EnglishHoD, Resource <>
Cc:Moore, Sian <>; UGEnglish, Resource <>; Storey, Mark <>
Subject:Deadline extensions for UG and PGT modules

Dear all,


I'm writing to confirm that all assessments with deadlines between 11 January and 1 Februaryfor all undergraduate and postgraduate modules will be given an automatic one-week (7 day) extension on eligible assessments (see the University's full announcment at the end of this message). By eligible, the University means assessed sometimes called summative work—that is, not formative assessments. If you have work due during this period, you will see the extension on Tabula. If your deadline is not updated by Monday morning, please You can still submit your work earlier if you wish.


The University is working with the Students’ Union and Chairs of the Faculty Education Committee (that is, academic staff from across the University’s departments) to provide a general package of support measures regarding your work. I understand this will be communicated directly to us all next week. We will make sure everyone in English continues to support you throughout the year. The policy listed below doesn’t affect your right to request extensions as normal, and we remain sympathetic to claims that don’t contain evidence as long as you explain why you couldn’t obtain it (we understand that all of you are effectively on mitigating circumstances due to the ongoing situation).


I hope the University’s announcement is helpful to you all. Have a good weekend.


Best wishes,


Professor Emma Mason

Head of Department, English and Comparative Literary Studies

University of Warwick




Due to the need to adjust to the immediate disruption caused by the Government announcement of new measures to combat Covid-19 on the evening of 4 January 2021, and in consultation with the Student Union the University recognises the need for some flexibility in assessment deadlines over the next couple of weeks. Consequently, undergraduate and postgraduate taught students will be given an automatic one-week (7 days) extension on alleligibleassessments with deadlines between 11 January 2021 and the 1February 2021. Further information on assessments with initial deadlines of 4 to 8 January 2021 is given below.


All assessments in ECLS are covered by this automatic extension.


  • Any late penalties accrued due to late submission of assessments with deadlines between 4January 2021 and today 8 January 2021 will be removed.
  • Any self-certification requests currently submitted (from 4 January 2021 to 8 January 2021) will be returned to you to use again.
  • If you already have been granted an extension on an assessment within the window of the 4January 2021 to the 1February 2021 that is longer than one week, you will still receive the longer extension. This will not add another week to that extension.
  • If you require further or a longer extension then please contact your department in the normal way.