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Warwick Research Collective

Warwick Research Collective

Introducing WREC

The Warwick Research Collective (WREC) was formed in 2007 by members of the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies with a shared interest in recent theorisations of world literature. 
Following an inaugural talk by Benita Parry (“Is There a Third-World Aesthetic?”), WREC has established a research agenda based on the challenge of theorizing a world-literary system that is, in the words of Franco Moretti, ‘simultaneously one, and unequal.’

The collective is made up of specialists in a variety of sub-fields, including colonial and postcolonial studies (members include and have been: Benita Parry, Neil Lazarus, Pablo Mukherjee, Rashmi Varma, Sharae Deckard, Mike Niblett, Caitlin Vandertop, Christine Okoth), American studies (Nick Lawrence, Myka Tucker-Abramson), and modern British and European literatures, including British devolutionary studies (Graeme Macdonald, Paulo de Medeiros). Although we bring disparate backgrounds to bear upon the question of what might constitute global literary studies in the twenty-first century, we share a materialist commitment to pursuing the cultural implications of theories of combined and uneven development.

We invite members of the international scholarly community and, in particular, prospective graduate students to contact us for the purposes of exchange, collaboration and debate.