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Conferences, Symposia and Schools hosted at Warwick

Women in World(-)Literature

University of Warwick, 17-18 June 2022

Vacation School on World-Literature 2018Link opens in a new window

University of Warwick, 12-14 September 2018

Cultures of Uneven and Combined Development, organised by James Christie and Nesrin Degirmencioglu

University of Warwick, 13-14 June 2014

Roberto Bolaño and World Literature, symposium organised by Nick Lawrence

University of Warwick, 16-17 May 2013

How to Think About OilLink opens in a new window” by Imre Szeman (Alberta), Chair: Graeme Macdonald
Public Lecture: Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick, June 2012
Neil Lazarus and Nick Lawrence, Roundtable with Prof Imre Szeman (Alberta), “After Globalization: Or, the Problem with Liberalism”
Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick, May 2012
An Introduction to English through World Literary Systems: Partnership Project with Park View, Smith’s Wood, Barr Beacon and The Brilliant Club (Sorcha Gunne, Neil Lazarus, Malachi McIntosh and Pablo Mukherjee)

Jan-Sept 2012

Vanderbilt-Warwick Strategic Partnership: Keywords in World Literature

University of Warwick, June 2011
Programme(PDF Document)

WReC Colloquium: “Uneven and Combined Modernisms”
Spring 2008
The Warwick Research Collective hosted a colloquium on the topic of ‘Uneven and Combined Modernisms’ on 18-19 April 2008 at Milburn House, University of Warwick. The colloquium, supported by a Research Development Fund grant, was designed to encourage sustained discussion of the ideas generally implicated by the notions of ‘uneven and combined development’; ‘peripheral modernity’/‘alternative’ modernities and modernisms; ‘Third-World’ literature; ‘world literature’; ‘globalisation’; and related issues.

Click here for the programme(PDF Document)


Talks by WReC members

“From Uneven and Combined to Combined and Uneven,” Nick Lawrence

The Old is Dying and the New Cannot be Born, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, November 2015

“Combined and Uneven Development: Towards a New Theory of World-Literature,” Neil Lazarus and Sorcha Gunne

Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, April 2013

“Combined and Uneven Development: Towards a New Theory of World-Literature,” Neil Lazarus

Queen's University, Belfast, December 2012

“Working Through it: A Materialist Critique of Irish Popular Fiction,” Sorcha Gunne

Narratives of Difference in the Global Marketplace, Northampton University, October 2012

“Turbulence: World Riots and World Literature,” Pablo Mukherjee

Gumley House Convent School, Hounslow, London, A-Level Conference, September 2012

“Three Questions for World-Systems Literary Analysis,” Sharae Deckard, Sorcha Gunne, Nick Lawrence, Neil Lazarus, and Malachi McIntosh; discussants: David Attwell and Derek Attridge (York)

World-Systems Research Day, University of York, June 2012

“Bolaño and American Studies,” Nick Lawrence

Post-45 Conference, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, November 2011

“Spectres Haunting: Postcommunism and Postcolonialism,” Neil Lazarus (keynote)
“Postmodern Marxism: The Seductions of Globalization Theory,” Benita Parry (keynote)
Roundtable on the WReC Project, Sharae Deckard, Nick Lawrence, Neil Lazarus, Graeme Macdonald and Pablo Mukherjee

Spectres of World Literature, Institute of English Studies, University of London, September 2011

“World Literature: Combined and Uneven Development,” Nick Lawrence

Crisis and Critique, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, November 2010

“World Literature and Combined and Uneven Development,” Neil Lazarus

University of Stirling, November 2010 and Stockholm University, May 2009

“Re-Imagining Identity: New Directions in Postcolonial Studies,” Neil Lazarus

Keynote, Inaugural Postcolonial Studies Association Conference, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, May 2009 University College Dublin, February 2009 University of Edinburgh, January 2009

“Lit-System, Deathworld: Globalisation’s Other Face,” Nick Lawrence

World-Systems and Life-Worlds: Globalisation in Plural, Tallinn University, July 2010

“What Postcolonial Theory Doesn't Say: (Post-)Colonialism and Capitalist Modernity,” Neil Lazarus

Keynote, What Postcolonialism Doesn't Say: York University, July 2010

“GAN (Great American Novel) vs. World Novel: C. L. R. James on Moby-Dick,” Nick Lawrence

Institute of Advanced Study Vacation School, University of Warwick, June 2010

“The Global Novel and Peripheral Modernism,” Nick Lawrence, Graeme Macdonald and Stephen Shapiro

University of Brighton, May 2008

“What is a Global Novel?” Nick Lawrence and Graeme Macdonald

University of Sussex, April 2007