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Conference program

The conference will be held in the Humanities Studio, room number H076 on the first floor of the Humanities Building. On the campus map, Humanities is central, and just above and to the right of the Sports Centre.

May 19

Coffee and Registration: 8.30.- 9.30


Keynote 1 (9.30-11.00)

Regenia Gagnier, 'The Transcultural Transformation of Victorian Studies: Global Circulation and Some Problems in Liberalism, Liberalisation, and Neoliberalism'


Panel 1 (11.15-13.00)

Joseph Childers, ‘Troubling the Archive: Disciplines, Timeframes,and other Annoying Limitations’

Stefano Evangelista, ’Koizumi Yakumo: Cosmopolitan Aestheticism in Japan'

Paul Young, 'Carnivorous Empire: Anglophone Adventure Fiction and the Growth of Global Meat Markets, 1865-1914.'


Lunch (13.00-13.50)


Panel 2 (14.00-15.50)

Jason Rudy, 'The Poetry of Greater Britain'

Kirstie Blair, "Stands Scotland Where It Did?": Scottish Studies, Victorian Studies and Transnational Verse Culture'

Mary Ellis Gibson: 'Global Victorian Poetry: Structures of Feeling, the Circulation of Tropes, and the Power of the Transperipheral


Coffee Break (15.50-16.10)


Keynote 2 (16.15-17.30)

Pamela Gilbert, ‘The magnifying glass and the telescope: incommensurability and complementarity in nineteenth-century studies'


Panel 3 (17.30-19.00)

Nicholas Daly, ‘The Streets of Wherever: French Melodrama and British and American Localization'

Elleke Bohemer, 'Imperial, Victorian, Indian and Worldly: "Travelling in the West" in the Late 19th Century’

Sandra Vasconcelos, 'Two Victorians in the periphery: Machado de Assis's appropriations of Dickens and Thackeray'

Ruth Livesey, ‘On Learning the ‘World of Words’ at Griff: George Eliot and the Multilingualism of Victorian Culture; or, the shortcomings of the 21st Century Monoglot Victorianist’


Drinks Reception 19.30 (Scarman Conference Centre)

Dinner 20.00 (Scarman Conference Centre)


May 20


Coffee 9.00 -9.30


Keynote 3 (9.30-11.00)

Isabel Hofmeyr, ‘Racial Trademarking: Customs, Colonial Copyright and Comparative Victorianisms ‘


Panel 4 (11.15-13.00)

John Plunkett, '‘All the World’s a Peepshow : Transnational circulation and exhibition practices’

JVC Panel, 'Beyond "Victorian Culture"': A Journal of Victorian Culture panel'

Trev Broughton

Peter Andersson

Alastair Owens

Lucy Mathews-Jones

Lunch 13.00-14.00


Keynote 4 (14.15-15.30)

Clare Pettit, ‘Seriality, Revolution and Europe in 1848: Rethinking “Victorian Literature’


Coffee 15.30-16.00


Panel 5: 16.15-17.45

John Holmes, 'Building Science: The Natural History Museum Worldwide'

Sukanya Banerjee, ‘Ecology and/of Empire’

Emily Cuming, 'At home in the world? Sailors’ homes, port cities and Melville’s Redburn'


Concluding Remarks