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Scott, father of one (born 2010), from Canada

Our daughter was conceived via IVF, and she was born 6 weeks premature at only 2.7 lbs. So, not very typical! At the 32nd week, we were told there were worries about her size and growth, and my wife came in for twice-weekly monitoring sessions. At the fourth session, 34 weeks, I came along. At the end of the session, they decided to keep my wife on the fetal heart monitor and ripped the tape to that point off, to show the consultant. He said, ok, we're admitting her, and my wife received an injection to help "ripen" the baby's lungs over a 24/36 hour period. But things got complicated, and they decided to get her out four hours later by emergency C-section. I got to dress up in blue scrubs and plastic boots and be there beside my wife, and then see my daughter right away, her eyes reassuringly looking around actively, and later at her incubator. We were lucky. To conceive, with my sperm count. To catch the problem at 32 weeks. To have a smooth five hour process of monitoring, admission and C-section (if that can be smooth). To have great care in neo-natal at Walsgrave. For her to be 9th percentile at 1 1/2 years old and incredibly outgoing/happy/crayon-wielding/onion rolling/normal.