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Father of one (born 2010s), from South-East England

Partner went into labour very early morning in bed. Woke me some time later to say this might be it and she had reached the point that rather than deal with contractions alone she wanted my help.

We went downstairs to the living room and timed contractions (using an app on my phone). She was on her knees leaning forward against a chair for a while. I suggested using a birthing ball to lean on. We tried that and it was less comfortable.

An hour or so later I suggested we get into the birthing pool (set up in living room - we had a home birth well planned). She was hesitant not wanting the warm water to slow down contractions, but the contractions were strong enough that the hope of the extra comfort lured her in.

I helped her in the pool and then went to wake up her mum (visiting for the birth) and her daughter (aged 19) from a previous relationship.

After an hour or so (still timing contractions, now more of us involved so timing being done on app on my phone and an app in our iPad) I decided it was time to call the midwives.

We had been looked after by two midwives, one of whom was out of the country at the time of this birth. The first midwife to attend was not one we had met before. Some indeterminate time later a second midwife arrived and she was one of our usual ones.

At some point I got into the birthing pool with my partner and provided support (more physical than mental as she was off in her own world). Some time later our son was born.

Many photos were taken during the lead-up to birth, as well as a video of the birth itself (partner's daughter was in charge of the photography/videography). Also during the whole process my partner's daughter and I were updating family and friends of progress via facebook and twitter.

After the birth I got distracted from most of the immediate activity, making phone calls etc. I was called back into the room to cut the umbilical, and watch the weighing and the vitamin K injection into heel.

I enjoyed the whole process, and felt that it passed in as smooth and comfortable and low-stress a way as possible. A result I think of lots of talking before-hand and discussion about what we wanted and how we wanted it.

My partner says that she had the absolutely best birth experience possible - and that things went exactly how she wanted.