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Ed, father of three (born 1995 and 1998), hometown Cambridge

As a dad the two experiences were very different.

First child was midwife delivered with no intervention - very relaxed atmosphere midwife felt like 'one of us'.

Second was identical twins. Induced labour after a very difficult pregnancy. Began as before but then babies got distressed and a decision was made to go in to theatre. Very well handled by the male doctor. It was his decision but he made it feel like it was ours. Great communication so both of us felt we knew what was going on both at the time and what might happen down the line.

We were told to expect a Caesarian but in fact both were born using suction.

As a dad both in the labour room and theatre I never felt like a spare part. I had a defined role both with my partner and with in the medical team who were looking after me as much as my partner.