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Father of four (born 1980s/2000s), from South-East England

I remember being amazed at the birth of my first daughter. How could we have created a living person?! That was 25 years ago! Memories of my younger 2 children being born are more recent. The first birth was relatively straightforward - no complications. And she was SUCH a good baby right from the start. We had a male midwife (a big American guy - very untypical) who was great and very friendly. I remember we were slightly concerned about how we were treated in hospital - no arm band was attached to the baby which was a worry!

The birth of our second daughter was even more straightforward. After arriving in hospital, it all happened very quickly and with very little pain relief for my wife. She was a bit more of a screaming baby, and difficult to start with, but has turned into a lovable, intelligent child.