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Mother of one (born in 2000s), from North-West England

My waters broke early on the Sunday morning I went into hospital just after midday and my son was born about 5 hours later. Most of my time in labour I spent on my own as my husband tried to contact work to say he wouldn't be able to make it into work that evening. No one was answering the phone so he drove off to tell a colleague leaving me by my self. I delivered my son naturally but then didn't deliver the plasenta so was whisked off to the other side of the hospital for an opperation which didn't happen until nearly midnight (becauase it was a sunday and there wasn't anyone around to carry out the opperation) while my husband and son stayed in the maternity ward. Once I had returned to the maternity ward my husband had to leave as it was midnight. I saw him again the next day at midday when he bought my mum in to see me.