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Mother of one (born 2010s), from the Midlands

My husband was present at the birth of our son. To be honest, this was not something we had particularly discussed, we both just assumed that he would be there. To be perfectly frank I wasn't sure how much use he would be! I did consider asking my mother to also be present but I felt that at a time when I needed comforting I might automatically be drawn to her instead of my husband which would not have been fair on him. Anyway, I couldn't have been more wrong, he was extremely supportive and calming. Having said that I had quite a short and relatively easy labour so whether this would have been the case if I had been in labour for hours is another story! I had a waterbirth and my husband was by the side of the pool throughout, holding my hand and offering me encouragement when I needed it. He was extremely pleased and proud to have been there and wouldn't have had it any other way. I had read hypnobirthing books and listened to the cd's prior to the birth so I think this, along with the waterbirth, actually added to a fairly relaxing birth (as relaxing as it could be anyway!)