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Mother of one (born in 2000s), from Midlands

I had a planned c-section as my little girl was breech. Walking into the surgery and having to sit still while I had an epidural was one of the scariest things I have done in my life. the thought of what could go wrong that with stage was not good. the midwife helped through this. once the operation was underway my husband was sitting by my head, he could look round the screen and did a couple of times. it felt like someone was rummaging down there but no pain. Then when my little girl came out she was checked and my husband cut the cord while I was being sewn up again. Afterwards in the recovery ward it was really weird. the midwife was moving my legs around and I could see her doing it but as I had no sensation there it didn't feel like my legs, very strange. We both had skin to skin contact and I gave her her first feed then.