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Mother of two (born 2000s/2010s), from South-East England

My waters broke at about 3am, so I called the hospital who told me to come in immediately. On an examination I was got sent home. A few hours later we were back at the hospital. I was saying that I couldn't do it at all and literally begging for an epidural but it was denied as I wasnt dilated enough. As I was only 2 cms then I was just given pethadine - which was great as it knocked me out for a couple of hours which bought me round to 6 cms! I could at last have my epidural. However the anesthatist was in surgery at this point. I literally felt like I was going to die- the pain was incredible and I just couldn't breathe. The midwives were telling me to stay calm as I wasn't shouting/ screaming but was just so tense and holding my breath. I just felt like I couldn't do it. I felt in a complete state of panic. After 8 hours of being in 'proper labour' I felt the transition phase and the urge to push. I went again everything my body was trying to do - and literally fought NOT to push as I KNEW I wouldnt get the epidural. I then had the epudural. I felt nothing but it stopped my labour and so I had to have the drip to get the labour going again. Eventually my son was born by ventouse delivery. I just thought 'thank God it's all over'. However, I had a retained placenta and was whipped over to the theatre and had one of the most evasive and violent procedures. I had no idea waht was happening, and was totally traumatised by the experience. it took 90mins. I spent 5 days in hostpial and had a 4 pack blood transfusion. I felt unsupported by everyone. I suffered birth trauma and saw a counsellor.

7 months ago I had my second son. I attended pregnancy yoga and decided to go for hypnobirthing. It was amazing - I needed an different experience. I went to positive birthing seminars had acupuncture, and decided to opt for a water birth. After 3 false starts at 10 days overdue I woke up with the early labour signs, but it was irregular in pattern, and not really getting any stronger. my acupuncturist said she would come to me. at about 5pm she came over and soon after that the waves came very stong and much closer together. We arrived at the hospital at 8:30pm on which I was 5cms- I was so happy with myself. I stayed on the ball but used my partner as a prop and through each wave I hugged him and he rubbed my back. On inspection later I was 8cms and told that I would be able to get in the pool- the midwife just wanted to monitor the baby's heartbeat. I really didnt want to be monitored, I instinctively knew that eveyrthing was alright but she said that the heart beat wasn't steady enough to use the pool and now I would hvae to get on the bed and be monitored on my back. I was told to push, but as I had been practising the birth breathing I did that instead as I didn't want to tear- I juts let my body work and stared up at the ceiling trying to zone out a bit! Very shortly, my waters burst and my baby exploded (it was how it felt) out of me inLess that 2 hours of being in hospital! I felt elated and so proud of myself. my placenta again didnt follow. 3 hours of surgery- only 60% of my placenta was removed. I was advised any further action would hvae caused me to hemmorage and therefore undergo a hystorectomy. The netx 4 days in hospital were very scary. No one had heard of this or dealt with this before, my notes were littered with conflicting advice and I was seen by someone different every time. The lack of care was appauling. Eventually I saw the surgeon who performed the removal and he properly explained everything to me. My uterus was only .4mm thick at the time of removal it needed to be at least 14mm anyway before any surgery could be done ot remove the rest. 111 days later the placenta came out of me at home. Yes, it was gross but I was so happy, An ultrasound showed that indeed it had detatched itself. what had happned was that my placenta likes to grow into my uterus, no one knows why.