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Mother of three (born in 1990s), from the Netherlands

First pregnancy and childbirth uneventful in the medical sense. Waters broken by midwife, roller coaster, but fairly normal in that sense. Exciting times!

Second pregnancy wasn't equally good. Very tired etc. Childbirth resulted in neonatal death. Waters broken by midwife, very quick after that, but Apgar only 2.

Third pregnancy was tricky in the mental sense, and some trouble with symfysiolysis, but great support from the medics and physio. Childbirth induced.
Quick, once recognisable contractions happened. Waters stayed intact until very close to the actual delivery. The same midwife was present with all three.

This was accidental with the first two labours - simply assigned on arrival in hospital. With the third, the midwife had asked to be allowed to be present. And she was!