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Becca, mother of three (born 2005, 2010 and 2011), hometown Dayton, Ohio

I was not in a relationship with my first child's father. He would have been no help to me in labor. I gave birth to all three of my children at Family Beginnings Birthing Center at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. My two other children's father was there, but I wish he could have taken more classes or researched more things like I did, he helped me during labor, but my focuses were more on the midwives voices when I was at that final and last most intense stage of labor and during pushing. But I did not want anyone else there during labor. He knew more about natural childbirth than my mother, and I am closer with him. And I have no other close family or friends. There was no induction, no breaking of waters, only periodic monitoring of baby with a portable hand held monitor. No straps to me. No pain medication, no epidural, no IV. Except with my second child I needed a couple rounds of antibiotics for being Group Beta Strep positive. But they put a lock on it so I only had to be attached while getting antibiotics, but still mobile. My first child was 9lbs 12oz 21in long, my second was 8lbs 6oz 20in long, and my third was 9lbs 13oz and 21 1/4in long. I received 3 stitches with my first child and that was all :) First labor was a total of 3 days long, from the time I knew I was in labor to his birth. The second was a week long and the third was less than a day. I had very painful labor for 16 hours with my first, 2 hours with my second and 16 hours with my third. My father and mother were present with my first child being born and my father actively helped with pushing and cut the cord. My now then fiance, the father of my two youngest boys, actively helped me with labor and pushing and cut the cord with both of them.