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Copyright of Women in Modern Irish Culture, 1800-2005: A Database of Irish Women's Writing belongs to Professor Maria Luddy, Professor Gerardine Meaney, Dr Jim MacPherson and Dr Anne Mulhall. Copyright of the design of the database belongs to Robert O'Toole of E-Lab, University of Warwick. Access to the database is provided for the purposes of research, teaching, private study and general interest. Prior written permission is required for any alteration or redistribution of the database or for any commercial use. Acknowledgement should be made when citing the database .

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© 2007
Project Directors: Professor Maria Luddy & Professor Gerardine Meaney

Research Fellows : Dr Jim MacPherson & Dr Anne Mulhall

Research Assistants: Sarah O'Connor, Emma Radley & Rochelle Sibley

Database Developer: Robert O'Toole