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Memories of Return: Testimonies of WUS Chile


Yéssica Ulloa, WUS Chile grant holder (in Spanish)

Yéssica Ulloa is a Chilean film-maker and film-educator. She went into exile in 1974 when she was 26 years old. After living in France for several years, she returned to Chile in 1983 as a WUS grant holder. The WUS grant allowed her to work as project on the social uses of video. The outcomes of her research were published in her important book Video independiente en Chile (Santiago: CENECA-CENCOCEP, 1985).

Photograph of Yéssica Ulloa with her students in Concepción (south of Chile), one of the many places where she developed workshops on the social uses of video, while being in charge of the Department of Video and Social and Educational Action at CENECA. Courtesy of Yéssica Ulloa.

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