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Homework 10-11

R:Reading, W:Writing, S:Speaking, L:Listening O:Other

To change into hiragana

Term 1

Week Textbook Homework (Compulsory) Self-study
1   Registration week  
2 Lsn 1 No homework to hand in

S/L: Text CD Tracks 1-4

S/L: Workbook CD Tracks 1-5


Lsn 2

O: Alternative email address (by 24 Oct)

W: Hiragana practice (a-no)

S/L: Text CD Tracks 5-8

S/L: Workbook CD Tracks 6-9

R/W: Hiragana (Read & Write)

R: Genki Hiragana


Lsn 3

L: Quia Time (1), L: Quia Time (2)

L: Quia Numbers

W: Hiragana practice (ha-n)

S/L: Text CD Tracks 9-12

S/L: Workbook CD Tracks 10-12

R: Genki Hiragana Quiz


Lsn 4

W: Self-introduction:handwritten

W: Send a short email to your tutor, in Hiragana

(using your univ. account)

S/L Text CD Tracks 13-16

S/L Work Book CD Tracks 13-15

R/W Text Exercises Lesson 4

Make sure you can write and read words in Japanese

6 Lsn 5 W: sentence translation (hand written)

S/L Text&Work book CDs

Make sure you can read and write sentences in Japanese

7 Lsn 6&7

W&R translation & reading (by 22 Dec if possible)

Spot the errors (consider online tutorials on 19 Nov)

Make sure you can read and write fairly quickly.
8 Lsn 8&review

No homework

I am doing the online tutorial again on the 26th.

If interested, email Katsuko, please.

 Revise for Test 1 (Week 9)

Holiday homework

- write at least 5 sentences

- reading comprehension (about pictures)

R: Genki Katakana Flash cards 1, 2, 3

Origami club


-Make sure you do exercises up to& including Lesson 9



Term 2

Week Homework (Compulsory) Self-study
1  Reviews    Katakana recognition
2 R & W Reading & Writing (Review, if not done yet) Text book& Workbook L11, Text book Quiz 2 (p107-108)
4 R & W Post card  Erin L3
5  Reviews    Festivals
7  Quia:te-form L16 Quia:te-form L18   
10  Spring holiday homework  



Term 3


Week Homework (Compulsory) Self-study