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10-11 T1 extra assessment

LLL 10-11  Term 1 Extra Assessment


Question 1                                                                                                                           /4

Choose the Hiragana characters that match the respective Romanised syllable on the left.  

eg        e                      (1)ん              (2)え              (3)ち              (4)て  Ans. (2)


1          wa                  (1)わ              (2)れ              (3)ね              (4)は


2          ho                   (1)ま              (2)は              (3)ほ              (4)な


3          me                  (1)ぬ              (2)あ              (3)め              (4)も


4          mu                  (1)む              (2)ゆ              (3)へ              (4)ふ


Question 2                                                                                                                           /6

Find the Japanese version of the following English words from the list below as in the example.  There are some unnecessary Hiragana words.                                                            

eg       one                 (  c  )                          


1          shop               (      )              

2          eight               (      )              

3          teacher          (      )                                      


a. さん           b. はち                      c. いち                   d. はな           

e. みせ      f. ひと                  g. がくせい             h. せんせい   


Grammar questions.