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Dr Fabrizio Nevola

Dr Fabrizio Nevola
AHRB Centre for the Study of Renaissance Elites and Court Cultures
BA (Oxford), MA and PhD (London)
Office H425
Telephone +44 (0) 2476 524 587
Fax +44 (0) 2476 572 997


Research Specialisms
  • Interdisciplinary study of the relationship of architecture and urbanism to the government and social structure of fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century cities in Italy.
  • The public role of collective patronage of architecture in the projection of urban identity.
  • The ritual use of public space in Italian cities
  • '"Ornato della città": Siena's Strada Romana as Focus of Fifteenth-Century Urban Renewal', Art Bulletin 82.1 (March, 2000)
  • 'Siena nel Rinascimento: sistemi urbanistici e strutture istituzionali (c. 1400-1520)', Bullettino Senese di Storia Patria 108 (2001)
  • 'Revival or Renewal: Defining Civic Identity in Fifteenth-Century Siena', in Shaping Urban Identity in the Middle Ages, eds. P. Stabel and M. Boone (Garant, Leuven/Apeldoorn, 1999 ), 111-34.
  • 'Creating a Stage for an Urban Elite: the Re-development of the Via del Capitano and Piazza Postierla in Siena', in The World of Savonarola: Italian Elites in Crisis, ed. C. Shaw and S. Fletcher (Aldershot, 2000), 182-93.
  • 'Cerimoniali per santi e feste a Siena a metà Quattrocento. Documenti dallo Statuto di Siena, 39', in Siena ed il suo territorio nel rinascimento, III, ed. M. Ascheri (Siena, 2000)
Future Publications
  • Architecture and Government in Renaissance Siena: Fashioning Urban Experience (1400-1555)
  • ed. with Philippa Jackson, Ritual in Siena: Comparative Disciplinary Approaches
  • '"Lieto e trionphante per città": Experiencing a Mid-Fifteenth-Century Imperial Triumph Along Siena's Strada Romana', Renaissance Studies
  • 'The Palazzo Spannocchi: Creating Site and Setting in Renaissance Sienese Architecture', in Siena in the Renaissance, ed. L. A. Jenkens (Aldershot: Ashgate)